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Pre-Print Distribution Rates


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Pre-Print Delivery Instructions

In order to maintain our low rate for the distribution of your advertising message in the face
constantly rising prices, we need your cooperation.Please insure the following qualifications
are followed regarding the delivery of your inserts to our warehouse.

1. Pallets:   25 or 50 per turn, 50 to 300 per bundle, 2 way tied, 1/4 fold (no larger than
8 1/2 x 11) strapped on pallet. Include shipping tag indicating total number of bundles and
pieces per pallet. Irregular size pre-prints not meeting above specifications must be packaged
in cartons of consistant quantities.

2. Delivery times vary according to office. Please call ahead for specific delivery instructions.
Hanover 800-673-2474     Lebanon 800-673-2434

3. Inserts for Wednesdays papers are needed by the preceeding Wednesday.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with the above qualifications will necessitate the addition of
handling charges.