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Cooking Corner

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Dear Cooks,

Hi! How many of you are ready to take a break from the summers’ heat? Have a seat in the shade somewhere with a good book and a frosty glass of homemade punch or lemonade? Leave the cell phone and/or tablet in the house and just relax for a bit. Check out the recipes below... I hope they tempt you to take a break and chill-out with a refreshing glass of your choice.

Enjoy! Elaine



1 1/4 Cups Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

5       Cups Cold Water

1 1/4 Cups Sugar

2       Lemons (thinly sliced)


Combine lemon juice, water and sugar into a large pitcher and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Dump the lemon slices into the pitcher. Top with ice to keep it cold. 

Serves 8.



3       Cups Water

2       Cups Pineapple Juice

1 1/2 Cups Guava Nectar  

2       Tbsp. Orange Juice

1/2    Cup Apple Juice

1/2    Cup Mango Nectar

2       Tbsp. Apricot Nectar

6       Tbsp Granulated Sugar

1/4    tsp. Red Food Color (optional)

Combine all of the ingredients into a 64 ounce pitcher and whisk together until sugar is dissolved. Refrigerate until cold. Serve with ice if desired. This tastes best cold.

Serves 10



3  Tbsp. Water

3  Tbsp. Sugar

1  tsp. Coconut Extract 

3  Drops Blue Food Coloring

2  (12 oz.) Cans Sprite or 7 Up

4  Swedish Fish (for garnish)

In a small microwave-safe bowl combine water and sugar.
Heat in microwave for about 1 minute. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Pour the sugar mixture into a pitcher.
Add coconut extract, food coloring and soda. Stir to combine.  
Serve over ice, add 1 Swedish fish per glass. 

Serves 4

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