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June Recipes


1/2 Cup Olive Oil

1/3 Cup Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed)

1/2 Cup Soy Sauce

4    Cloves Garlic (peeled, minced)

2    tsp. Fresh Oregano

2    tsp. Fresh Rosemary

2    tsp. Fresh Basil

1    tsp. Salt

1/4 tsp. Lemon Pepper

1    (4 lb.) Broiler Chicken (halved)

      Olive Oil Spray

Wash chicken and place both halves in a large ziploc bag.

Squeeze lemon juice; add the zest for extra flavor. Combine the rest of the ingredients, except for the olive oil spray, with the lemon juice and mix.  Add to the ziploc bag with the chicken. Refrigerate for several hours (up to 6) turning occasionally.

Remove chicken from bag and place chicken, skin side down on grill rack. Keep chicken about 7 inches from heat. If you are using charcoal place chicken on opposite side of the hot coals to avoid flare-ups. At start of cooking, brush chicken with marinade, then discard the rest so you are not tempted to use it during cooking for safety reasons.

Note: for extra flavor, sprinkle chicken with more salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder just before cooking.

Grill chicken for 20 minutes or until browned on one side, avoiding flare ups. Spray chicken with the olive oil and turn it over and spray again. Cook for another 10 minutes or until chicken is done.

Serves 2.


4     Medium Sweet Potatoes

1     tsp. Coarse Sea Salt

1     tsp. Ground Cumin

1     tsp. Paprika

1/2  tsp. Ground Cinnamon

1/2  tsp. Chipotle Powder

2     Tbsp. Cider Vinegar

1/4  Cup Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Scrub the potatoes well. Cover the potatoes with cold, salted water in a large pot, then bring them to a boil. Simmer until slightly resistant when pierced with a fork, 5 to 7 minutes. Drain well. When cool, slice the potatoes lengthwise.

Mix together salt, spices and apple cider vinegar; add oil in a slow stream. Brush this mixture on the sweet potatoes.

Grill potatoes on a lightly oiled grill rack over medium heat, until grill marks appear and potatoes are cooked through, about 15 minutes. Serve them warm.

Serves 8.


3    lbs. Fingerling Potatoes*

1    Tbsp. Salt

3    Tbsp. White Vinegar

1/3 Cup Fresh Parsley (chopped)

1    tsp. Fresh Sage (chopped)

1/4 Cup Oil-packed, Sun-dried Tomatoes

6    Tbsp. Vidalia Onion (finely chopped)

4    Slices Bacon

2/3 Cup Mayonnaise

In a large pot over medium-high heat, bring potatoes, salt and enough water to cover by 1 inch, to a boil. Cook potatoes at a gentle boil until tender, about 20 minutes, then drain. Transfer to a large bowl and sprinkle potatoes with vinegar. Let cool to room temperature, about 15 minutes.

In a small bowl, stir together remaining ingredients. Gently mix dressing into potatoes until all ingredients are evenly distributed and potatoes are well coated. Serve at room temperature or refrigerate before serving.

Serves 12.

*Note: you can substitute red-skinned potatoes for the fingerlings, they also hold their shape after boiling.


2 Cups Creamy Caesar Dressing (plus more for serving)

1 Cup Chicken Broth

1 lb. Chicken Breast (boneless, skinless)

1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice

2 Cloves Garlic (minced)

1 Cup Parmesan (grated)

1 Head Romaine Lettuce (chopped)

4 Ciabatta Rolls

   Shaved Parmesan (for serving)

Add the first six ingredients to the bowl of a slow cooker and toss to combine. Cook on high for 3 to 4 hours.

When the chicken is cooked, drain most of the liquid. Shred the meat with two forks in the bowl of the slow cooker. Toss with a bit more Caesar dressing (depending how wet you like it).

Toast and butter the ciabatta rolls, if desired. Top bottom halves with Romaine, shredded chicken and shaved Parmesan. Place top halves on top and serve warm.

Serves 4.

Tasty things to add to fancy up a basic Chicken Salad

Curry - diced apple, curry powder

Waldorf - walnuts, diced apple, grapes

Tuscan - roma tomatoes, basil, parmesan

BBQ - bbq sauce, grilled onion, bacon


4    8 oz. Sirloin Steaks

1/2 Cup Soy Sauce

      Black Pepper

1/4 Cup Cornstarch

1    Tbsp. Vegetable Oil, plus more for brushing

1    tsp. Ginger (grated)

3    Cloves Garlic (minced)

1/4 Cup Brown Sugar

1    Tbsp. Ketchup


1    lb. Broccoli Florets

Preheat grill. Place steak on a rimmed sheet pan; pat dry thoroughly and add 1 tablespoon soy sauce over each steak. Massage into steak on all sides and season with pepper. Transfer steaks onto a clean rimmed sheet pan in a single layer. Sprinkle steaks evenly with cornstarch on both sides. Shake off any excess, then brush lightly with vegetable oil.

In a small bowl mix together vegetable oil, ginger, garlic, brown sugar and ketchup. Set aside.

Place steak on the grill; cook 3 to 4 minutes per side. Brush glaze on both sides of the steak and cook 1 minute more on each side until glaze is caramelized. Transfer to a plate and let rest for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, bring a large pot of water to a boil and season with salt. Add broccoli and cook until just tender, 2 minutes. Drain well. Serve steak with broccoli and extra sauce if desired.

Serves 4.


2 Cups Green Cabbage (shredded)

1 1/2 Cups Red Cabbage (shredded)

1 Cup Carrot (shredded)

1 Granny Smith Apple (julienned)

2 Tbsp. Mayonnaise

3 Tbsp. Olive Oil

1 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Lemon (juiced) (chopped)

1 Tbsp. Poppy Seeds

   Salt and Pepper (to taste)

In a large bowl, combine the green cabbage, red cabbage, carrot and apple.

In a large glass measuring cup or small bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, poppy seeds, salt and pepper, to taste.  Pour mixture over cabbage mixture and stir using a rubber spatula until well combined. Cover and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Serve cold.

Serves 6.


10  Long Wooden Skewers (cut in half)

      Assorted Fruits

2    Cups Vanilla Yogurt*

1/4 Cup Honey

1/2 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

* if using plain yogurt, add 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

In a  medium bowl, stir together yogurt, honey and cinnamon.

Clean and cut or slice chosen fruits. Thread fruit on skewers in a colorful pattern. Serve with the dip.

Note: Used here are; raspberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi and blueberries. Feel free to get creative and use what you like or use what is in season.

Makes 20 skewers.


Cookie Crust:

1    Pkg. Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

1    Tbsp. Flour

1/2 Cup Butter (softened)

1    Large Egg

Cream Cheese Fluff:

1    Pkg. (8 oz.) Cream Cheese (softened)

1    Cup Marshmallow Fluff

1    Cup Cool Whip


4     Kiwi

2     lbs. Strawberries (carved, sliced)

32   Chocolate Chips

Crust: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray two 9 inch spring form pans with cooking spray then line the bottoms with a circle of parchment paper or non-stick tin foil.

Combine sugar cookie mix, flour and butter and mix until the butter breaks up into small pie size pieces. Add the egg and mix until it forms a dough. Divide the dough in half. Pat  one half of dough in the bottom of each pan, spreading dough so that it ends about 1/2 inch from the edge of pan. Bake for 14 to 18 minutes, until golden brown. Cool in pan for 10 minutes, then remove and set on a cooling rack. Cool completely.

Cream Cheese Fluff: Beat cream cheese until light and fluffy. Add marshmallow fluff and beat to combine. Add whipped topping and beat to combine. Equally divide and spread over top of each cookie. Cut cookies in half.

Toppings: Peel and cut kiwi into thin slices. Cut each slice in half. Arrange overlapping slices of kiwi along the curved edge of each cookie.  Wash and dry strawberries, then carve off the  bright red outer part of the berries for the fruit pizza. Cut into small pieces and sprinkle over the cream cheese topped cookies. Arrange 8 chocolate chips on each cookie to create watermelon seeds. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Serves 12.

Recipe From: Hungry Happenings