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Power Points


$1,000\$500 Grand Prize *


         $50 Local winner                       


The Power Points entry form can be found in this week's Merchandiser. Entries can be deposited at the Merchandiser office located at 100 East Cumberland Street, Lebanon PA. or mail entry to Merchandiser Power Points, P.O. Box 840, Lebanon PA., 17042. You can also play online, just follow the directions below!

Due to Covid-19, the NFL has been changing games and schedules. In order to keep the contest accurate, gamepieces will only be available on Monday mornings!

Complete the form, save it to your desktop, and email it back to The Merchandiser!
Click here to send  or send to frontdesk@themerchandiser.com. Please use "Power Points" as the subject line. Entries will not be accepted after 2pm Thursday!  Participants must be within our circulation area.

*The contestant from the participating newspaper, who tallies the most of the 136 possible points, or who survives any needed Tiebreaker procedure, will win the Grand Prize of either $1,000 or $500, depending on whether he/she has recorded a perfect score, including tiebreakers.

                     Week 14
                Grand Prize Winner

   Week 14
Local Winner

 Tom Bechtold
  Lebanon, PA
     130 pts

                  MAJOR UPDATE: We are sorry to report that  the Commissioner of Power Points, Tim McGovern, passed away on Christmas Eve. This was unexpected and happened very quickly. His son will be able to complete the season, report the results, and pay out the winners. These results will be delayed; very likely into the new year.